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Steam Testimonials

Here are some words from some of our steam girls sharing their experiences with herbal vaginal steaming. If you would like to be featured here and tell your story, please email us @!

B. A. Sanchez. PhD

"I always suffered from blocked sacral and sacral trauma which manifested in PCOS and extremely painful and heavy periods for me, since I was a young girl. Some days I couldn’t even function and it got even worse after my pregnancy and c section. The pain and the dysmenorrhea were unbearable. Hormone therapy barely worked, so I was supplementing and doing acupuncture and cbd for pain. Heather introduced me to steaming and it really changed the game and upgraded my life. I even got a custom stool and it has become a central ritual for me and my holistic shift. I was able to heal my PCOS slowly but surely and unblock and process my sacral trauma. I love that Heather utilizes specialized herbal blends and is also organic and homeopathically based. She has made all of the difference in my life and brought me back home to myself as I heal safely and in deepest love for my body."

Maranda Nicole

“Yoni steaming not only helped me physically with my period cramps and occurring infections, it also helped me mentally allowing me to connect the mind and body. Going through sexual trauma often leads to you disconnecting from your body because of how unsafe you feel and yoni steaming allowed me to reconnect and gave me the feeling of safety again. Highly suggest it to every divine women out there ✨” 

Natalie Olivier 

"I’ve had terrible cramps my whole life! Once I started doing the Yoni Steams I noticed a decline in my cramps!! Definitely a Yoni Steamer for life 💚”

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