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Ready to start your steam journey? Lets get you set up!

Custom Vaginal Steam Herbal Blend



Each of our Steam blends will be tailored to your individual reproductive system needs. Each woman's cycle and body is just as unique as we are. 


When you purchase a steam from us, it will include 7 different herbs to support your needs and goals. Each herb has multiple specifics healing properties and they also work synergistically with each other in very specific ways. This is why its vital to get a custom blend made to support your unique needs. 


Your bag of herbs will have a 3 month supply of vaginal steams. You will steam 3 times a month, every week except for the week of your period. We don't steam on our periods because we don't want to stop blood flow. Specific directions will be provided with every order because each woman will steam for different amounts of time depending on their experience with steaming. 


We recommend re-quizzing every 3 months before your next purchase so we can note any changes and adjust your steams accordingly. You can do that on the home page before you order. 

Vaginal steaming is a powerful, yet gentle, ancient practice that gives women an opportunity to heal their reproductive systems in a natural and safe way. The steam is the perfect delivery system to the membranes of the reproductive system and allows the herbs to be deeply absorbed into the blood stream through the labia which acts like a sponge. Herbal steaming indirectly provides support to other parts of the body as well, including the colon and urinary system which are 2 very vital system. 

When you steam you're providing your body with opportunities to heal on a deep physical, mental, and emotional level. This is meant to be a sacred practice that encourages self connection.

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