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Steam Stool
  • Steam Stool

    Our steaming stools are hand crafted with care. They are made out of untreated, chemical free, pine wood. Each stool is designed to offer a comfortable space for your steaming sessions. The logo cut out provides enough space for the steam to be delivered directly to the membranes for absorption. 


    While stools are not a necessity to be able to steam, it is much better option than hovering over a pot or using a plastic toilet insert. We highly recommend getting a stool for the most comfortable experience. Steaming on a stool is a very different experience from having to kneel over the pot and potentially burn yourself. (Speaking from experience here unfortunately) So having a stool will keep the whole process safe and easy, creating a sacred space for healing.


    Each stool will arrive dis-assembled. Simply screw each leg in place and you're ready to start steaming. The legs can then be removed after your sessions for storage.


    Please note that these stools are not for standing on but they do make a great plant stand or side table when they're not in use for steaming. This is a multi use piece of furniture.



    • Terms & Conditions

      By purchasing this product you agree that you, the purchaser of the product, is liable for any harm done from misuse of the product. Standing on the stool is not recommended, and it is recommended to have at least 6 inches of space between the steaming herbal pot and the body. Steam is not liable for any misuse of the product and all responsibility is with the purchaser. There is also a no refund policy with all stools unless stools arrive damaged in some way. In that case, Steam will refund or send out a new stool. 

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